KissKiss HugHug™ Breastfeeding Covers

Breastfeeding Covers by KissKiss HugHug™

Attention to detail is core to the design of the KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding covers with each one hand cut and tailored.

Breastfeeding Covers by KissKiss HugHug™ Lifestyle - Aurelia 001

With its reversible design, the stylish mum has the option to mix and match the KissKiss HugHug nursing cover with different outfits.

Made from 100% Cotton with a specially designed neckline to allow air flow to bub and for mother and bub to see each other easily.

The creative design is long enough to cover mums tummy, block distractions but also doubling as a change mat, instant canopy for your pram, car seat or bassinet!

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Showing all 1 result